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secure, stable and ethical web hosting

hosting your website

Now you have your website up and running, it will need somewhere to be ‘hosted‘. At Matt Porter Web Design Limited, we excel in this area. We have our own dedicated servers in partnership with the UK’s most ethical hosting company, UKFast. Our servers are not only monitored in-house staff at the data centre, but also by a dedicated server team.

Hostingdon’t be fooled by bargain basement hosting

  • near 100% Hardware uptime guarantee (provided by UKFast)
  • Dedicated hosting – only our customers use our servers
  • Linux (Centos) operating system – Fastest in its class
  • CPanel User access
  • Unlimited email accounts and no space restrictions
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti malware
  • Nightly backups (offsite)
  • UK based, excellent for search engine purposes
  • 24/7 Server Management


Our hosting plans start at £30 per month for standard websites and £45 per month for online shops, but we always provide a quote for our services based on your requirements. If you would like to discuss your hosting, please contact us on 01473 272002

We have 15 years experience hosting customers websites, we use this experience to ensure that you have the best quality and fastest hosting service available.

Cybercrime and Malicious Activity

When you host your website with us, you should be allowed the same rights to privacy and trespass as you would in your office or home. No person or organisation has the right to hack or attempt to hack your website. 

We take security extremely seriously. Aside from a Cisco Firewall and THREE software firewalls, we also run custom scripts to monitor malicious activity and take the necessary steps block this kind of traffic. We report ALL malicious activity to ABUSEIPDB.

We consider ‘penetration testing’ as attempting to hack or circumvent server security and is therefore treated in the same way as a malicious attempt to break in. We will always prosecute if appropriate.

If we detect malicious traffic coming from within the UK, that individual is potentially breaking three laws:-

Computer Misuse Act 1990

Communications Act 2003

Fraud Act 2006

We report all UK malicious activity to Norfolk and Suffolk Police Cybercrime Division, our evidence includes IP address of the malicious traffic, geographic information relating to the IP address, the organisation providing the infrastructure for the hacker (ie. The ISP). In the UK, ISP’s are now responsible for resolving IP addresses to the user of the computer or mobile devices at the time stamp of our logs. It is therefore possible to trace malicious traffic in the UK to it’s source.